Basketball Ring with Adjustable Height

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This Height Adjustable Basketball Stand is perfect for basketball fans of all levels! Made from quality sturdy steel and durable PP, this ring will have you practicing and playing like your favourite player in no time! Adjustable from 165cm to 205cm, you can cater this basketball ring to any height and playing level, it's perfect for the kids and your friends! This system incorporates a non-metal hollow base that can be filled with either 35kg of water to ensure a strong sturdy foundation for those extreme conditions.

Boasting weatherproof nylon, strong durable PP and a steel tube pole, this basketball ring is sturdy and great for the whole family. Get everyone active, out and about to play a few rounds of friendly basketball.

* Caution: Please do not swing or hang from the ring. Doing so may cause serious injury or even death.



Height Adjustable from 165cm to 205cm approx
Perfect for Any Height and Playing Level
Caters to your Kids and your Friends
Active, Friendship or Family Bonding Fun



Product Dimension 
Ring Height:
 1.65m ~ 2.05m approx
 Ring Diameter:
 42cm approx - fit for #7 Standard Basketball
Backboard Size:
 73cm x 49cm approx
 Base Size:
 75cm x 45cm x 13cm approx
 Pole Width:
 4cm approx
Material Rim Material:
 Weather proof nylon
 Backboard Material:
 Strong, durable Injection PP
 Pole Material:
 3 pc Square Steel Tube
 Base Material:
 Blow Molding PE
Base Holds 35kg of Water
Package Dimension (L x W x H) 75cm x 19cm x 57cm approx 
Package Weight 9.5kg approx 

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