Multi Station Delux Home Gym

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Multi Station Home Gym
Multi-Function Press
Includes Incline Press, Bench Press, Shoulder Press and Chest / Mid Row Exercises Support
Fully Pulley And Cable System
High and Low Pulley for Resistance Training
Made of Hi Grade Steel
Target and Tone Specific Muscle Groups
DuraFirm Pads For Comfort
100lbs Weight Included
Max Weight Capacity 150kg



Material Hi-Grade Steel
Padded DuraFirm Pads
Max Weight Capacity 150kg
Plates Weight 100LBS, 10pcs, 10LBS/pcs 
Cable System Full Pulley (High and Low)
Possible Exercises
Bicep Curl
 Incline Press
 Bench Press
 Shoulder Press
 Chest / Mid Row
 Preacher Curls
 Knee Raise
 Lat Pull Front
 Leg Curl
 Leg Extension
 Low Pulley Row
 Preacher Curls-Reverse
 Straight Arm Pullover
 Vertical Bench Press
 Wrist Curl

Gym Dimensions
 (L x W x H) 163cm x 117cm x 218cm approx.
Package Dimensions Parcel 1 197cm x 30cm x 16.5cm approx.
Parcel 2 167cm x 42cm x 26.5cm approx.
Parcel 3 38cm x 19cm x 18cm approx.
Parcel 4 38cm x 19cm x 22cm approx.
Package Weight Parcel 1
 45kg approx.
Parcel 2 42kg approx.
Parcel 3 19kg approx.
Parcel 4 23.5kg approx

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